One-stop Marine Safety Services

One-stop Firefighting, Life-Saving and Calibration services readily available in entire U.S. Gulf Coast Region.

We take pride in what we do. Our employees are held to the highest standards to ensure dependability in our life-saving equipment. The happiness of our customers is our top priority so we will go above and beyond to keep them satisfied with the service they will receive, whether that's answering any questions or concerns they have or providing around the clock service. For us, this is more than a job and our customers are more than just customers. The relationships we establish with them are valuable to us beyond measure.

We aim to provide services that will satisfy all your needs. American Marine Safety covers all the necessary needs in security department for all types of commercial ships from life raft and lifeboat inspections to keeping the firefighting equipment up and running with services including but not limited to immersion suits, life jackets and EEBDs as well as fixed and portable firefighting systems, gas detection equipment sales and calibration services. We provide 24 hour around the clock services to the US Gulf Coast Region and beyond.

Two Industry Leaders Joined Forces

American Marine Safety is a product of two top companies in their own respective fields combining their forces to create a competitive, low cost high quality marine safety service company.  AMS is formed by Deckhouse Ship Supply, a leading ship supply company in USA, and Onursan, a top marine safety company in Turkey. It is our goal to provide extraordinary service at unbeatable prices to our customers by using over 30 years of experience and well established market share.